The Chiropractor is Part of Our Healthcare Team Now

My husband is a big guy. He used to weigh over 400 pounds, but he has lost nearly 150 pounds. He still has a bit more to lose, but he feels so much better with all that weight off his body. He took up walking, and recently he even started jogging a bit, which is where the trouble started. He thought he was doing good, but we ended up having to do a search for Valley Village chiropractors because he was in a lot of pain. I had done some research and saw that the best thing would be to see a chiropractor for something like this.

He was not injured at all. Read more “The Chiropractor is Part of Our Healthcare Team Now”

I Believe He Saved My Daughter’s Life

Perhaps I’m being over dramatic when I say a chiropractor in Salinas saved my daughter’s life, but it’s a very real possibility. It all started when she was out riding her bike and went head first over the handlebars while she was trying to avoid getting hit by a reckless driver. We knew almost immediately that something was wrong aside from the usual scrapes and bruises such an accident entails. Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet, but she kept holding her arm and saying something felt off. My husband iced her arm and everything seemed better for a bit.

A few days later she’s complaining about her arm again. I got alarmed and took her into the emergency room and that’s when the doctors hit us with the bad news. They said they thought she might have something called a compartment hemorrhage. That’s when pressure builds up in the limb and it’s quite serious. Read more “I Believe He Saved My Daughter’s Life”

I Strained My Back While Moving

After moving to the area, one of the first things that I did was schedule an appointment with a new chiropractor. Although I had a lot of help with the physical part of moving, I still ended up doing a lot of it on my own. All of that bending and lifting really took a toll on my body. I like to think that I keep in shape, but something as big as moving your entire home to be quite a workout. I found a great chiropractor in Cary NC and have an appointment for later this week. This chiropractor comes highly recommended from my new neighbor, who has been seeing him for years. Read more “I Strained My Back While Moving”