The Chiropractor is Part of Our Healthcare Team Now

My husband is a big guy. He used to weigh over 400 pounds, but he has lost nearly 150 pounds. He still has a bit more to lose, but he feels so much better with all that weight off his body. He took up walking, and recently he even started jogging a bit, which is where the trouble started. He thought he was doing good, but we ended up having to do a search for Valley Village chiropractors because he was in a lot of pain. I had done some research and saw that the best thing would be to see a chiropractor for something like this.

He was not injured at all. He did not fall or trip over anything, and he had the proper shoes to do this. He had done his own research ahead of time, and he knew that it was a process that he would have to get used to. He was just not prepared for the pain that he was feeling. The chiropractor was very nice and friendly, yet he was professional too, which was the right combination for us. He explained how my husband’s body has changed a lot more than what we were even aware of with his weight loss.

Because of this, he needed to take care of more than just making sure he had the right footwear to start jogging. He needed to make sure his spine was in proper alignment too. The chiropractor told us that everyone needs to have adjustments but just a small percentage of the population does. He gave my husband an adjustment that day, and he convinced me without even trying to that I needed to make an appointment for myself. My husband is back to jogging, and we now have the chiropractor as part of our healthcare team.