I Believe He Saved My Daughter’s Life

Perhaps I’m being over dramatic when I say a chiropractor in Salinas saved my daughter’s life, but it’s a very real possibility. It all started when she was out riding her bike and went head first over the handlebars while she was trying to avoid getting hit by a reckless driver. We knew almost immediately that something was wrong aside from the usual scrapes and bruises such an accident entails. Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet, but she kept holding her arm and saying something felt off. My husband iced her arm and everything seemed better for a bit.

A few days later she’s complaining about her arm again. I got alarmed and took her into the emergency room and that’s when the doctors hit us with the bad news. They said they thought she might have something called a compartment hemorrhage. That’s when pressure builds up in the limb and it’s quite serious. They wanted to do surgery immediately and even talked about the very real possibility that an amputation might have to occur. You can imagine the horror we felt. I resisted the urge to act without checking into other possibilities because of the idea of an amputation.

I’ve gone to a chiropractor here in town quite often and I wanted him to quickly take a look just to make sure the doctors weren’t out of their minds. We got right in and he diagnosed a pinched nerve as the problem and was able to show us that a compartment hemorrhage was the absolutely wrong diagnoses. She’s fixed up now and doing well, but I’m awfully angry about the advice we got in the emergency room. How many people would have taken their word for it and had their child’s arm chopped off? Thank goodness I know how good chiropractors can be!

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